Among the numerous actions that can be undertaken to valorize a district, old as new, poor as wealthy, one outpulls all the others in a way. Renewing some streets, rehabilitating some housefronts, planting trees, build new sidewalks... It all takes time and money, with uncertain results when one tries to measure the impact on inhabitants everyday life.

On the other hand, a simple playground that looks like nothing one has ever come across will arouse curiosity and desire in a very large perimeter, which could actually open up a district. Except maybe for a brand new mall, there is nothing as efficient to attract crowds on a daily basis. What is more, the exclusive, unique and unusual aspect of such a public amenity is likely to make inhabitants proud of it : it is something that cannot be found elsewhere. The playful and child-like dimension, as sports, represents a tremendous potential for urban development. As a matter of fact, it immediately transforms a district's image and how people think about it.